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The BaitBombs.





Technical Stuff.

What is the main reason for using the Bait Bomb™?

To ensure a concentration of ground bait in close proximity to the hook bait particularly when fishing at long distances.

What is the advantage over a pva bag?

Any type of bait can be used and casting distance/accuracy is much improved, plus much easier to use under adverse conditions.
Will the Bait Bomb™ spook fish?

People don’t realise that the bottom of a lake is a very noisy environment. Fish are attracted
to noise like a dinner bell ringing - the bait bomb going off is designed to be that dinner bell.
How well does it cast?

The Bait Bomb™ has been designed particularly with long distance casting as a priority, tests have shown very long distances can be achieved this does of course depend on casting ability.
Is retrieval in open position difficult?

Not at all, the Bait Bomb™ rapidly surfaces and then tends to skim ever the surface of the water with no tendency whatsoever to spin or tangle.

Would the Bait Bomb™ tangle under weedy conditions?

Possibly! It would depend on the type and level of weed growth; most feeders could give problems under some conditions. We would not advise use under severe weed conditions, it’s a `horses for courses` situation.
How does the Bait Bomb™ perform when playing large fish?

Much fishing was done during the prototype stage and a number of carp  to 16lb were landed without any problems, should be ok with larger fish but cannot say at this stage, time will tell!
Are other sizes of Bait Bomb™ available?

Not at present, both larger and smaller may well be available longer term.
Can pva be used instead of the composite tabs?

A huge amount of work was done at the beginning of the project trying to use pva to control the time release of the Bait Bomb™, we found it very inconsistent and difficult to use particularly under wet conditions. The tabs however are very consistent which enables us to give an accurate release time, they are simple to use, there is no waste and are much more accommodating to wet conditions.  Yes, pva can be used but we cannot give any assurances that it will work as well as the biodegradable tab we supply.

How long do the tabs take to open?

In normal conditions, the tabs take approximately 45 seconds to open.
Hints on BaitBomb™ usage

1) Always store the BaitBomb™ in the open position to avoid distorting the main body due to the action of the internal spring.
2) Avoid filling the BaitBomb™ too tightly as that will reduce the explosive effect of the bait ejection.
3) The most effective hook length, to avoid tangling during the cast, is 5” max.  Much longer hook lengths (up to 24”) can be used but should be assessed by the individual angler since the cast itself can effect the possibility of tangling.
4) If tangling does occur using longer hook lengths, trapping the hook inside the bomb during filling should resolve the problem. The hook bait will be ejected with the groundbait.
5) Tests have shown that when filling the release tab it is best to cut the remaining tabs rather than ripping them apart by hand.  Pulling on the strip weakens the tab itself and this can significantly reduce the release time.

The BaitBomb™ can be used in a number of ways i.e. as a running in feeder using electronic bite indicators.If using this method a semi.fixed rig would improve hook penetration;this can be achieved by using a size 8 swivel with 1/4" of the tube supplied pulled over the swivel barrel attached to the mainline which has been threaded through the feeder.The swivel can then be pulled into the exit end of the feeder which creates enough resistance to achieve the required hook hold.When playing the fish the BaitBomb™ will release and slide away.

The most popular method based on customer feedback is to use a normal feeder rod with bite indication being provided by the tensioned rod tip in the normal way.
Weight empty                                                           
Weight with dead maggots

Weight with 25mm boilies   

Weight filled with method mix ground bait  

Recommended rod casting weight

Overall length


Max. Volume  

Tab Opening Time
1.8 oz  (51g)

2.4 oz  (68g)

2.5 oz (70g)

2.5 oz  (70g)

3oz     (85g)

117 mm.

36 mm.

45 ml.

45 secs (approx)
Technical Specifications